About Us:

An established Payment Services company, headquartered in Singapore. Founded by a group of ex-bankers, the Company is changing the way cross border payments are made. We began operations 5 years ago. Customers have trusted us with billions in transactions already. The company has been the recipient of multiple industry awards, including the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) Fintech award in 2017 and is ranked amongst the top 5 cross border payment providers in Singapore.

We have live operations in 3 major financial centres (Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia). Our payment coverage includes over 180 countries and operates 7 days a week and we created a strong global coverage and presence. 365 days a year. We have an experienced management team that understands the need to judiciously balance innovation and regulatory demands.

Our Core Value Proposition is Cheaper, Faster, More Convenient payments. We offer 100% Digital Solutions delivered off a world class technology platform. Our service offering includes:

  1. 1. Consumer Solutions
  2. 2. Business Solutions
  3. 3. Solutions for banks and payment intermediaries

We pride ourselves in providing impeccable customer service, ownership, and resolution of any customer concerns at lightning speed and strive in the success of our customers.

Consumer Solutions

Individual consumers can open an account with us in minutes and get access to a SingX wallet and a payment platform that enables them to make instant payments to over 180 countries, 7 days a week.

Banks levy a variety of fees including cable charges, handling charges and correspondent banking charges. Besides they mark up the foreign exchange rates. These charges all add up and customers end up paying 5% more than they should. With SingX they book transactions at the live interbank rate, a rate which can be easily verified on Google anytime. We charge one transparent fee which is made known upfront. In summary, customers enjoy guaranteed savings.

The SingX wallet allows consumers the facility to recharge their mobile phones anywhere in the world and pay utility bills back home. For instance, an Australian travelling to Dubai can top up his Dubai mobile on our app with a single click. Similarly, an Indian living in Singapore can view her Indian electricity bill or Indian property tax bill on our app. They can then proceed to pay this INR denominated bill using their wallet instantly. Find Out More

Business Solutions

The Company offers a comprehensive package of business solutions catering to the needs of SMEs and mid to large corporates. We are a “one-stop shop” which manages all payments to overseas suppliers and employees, as well as for cross-border inter-company transfers.

Our business solutions:
  • Meet the payments needs of Importers/Exporters
  • Offer Embedded Finance solutions to cloud workforce platforms paying salaries to gig workers and e-commerce marketplaces paying suppliers
  • Offer Mass Payment solutions to Corporates paying Salaries and Suppliers

Our core value proposition is to offer Businesses guaranteed savings on Payments and reduced operational costs for managing payments and receivables. Businesses can either book transactions on an ad hoc basis, or if they prefer, use our fully automated pay out solutions via our Mass Payment tools. With these tools, once the receivers are set up, regular repeat payments can be done easily at very attractive rates. Find Out More

Solutions for banks and payment intermediaries

Many banks and payment intermediaries want to offer digitized payment solutions to their customers. We offer white labelled solutions, API services and a global pay out network to enable these payments. Our solutions are flexible and can be easily integrated. These solutions incorporate all the features and benefits of the consumer and business solutions described above.