• Is my money safe?

    The safety of your money is as important to us, as it is to you. Your money is safe with us for 3 reasons:

    1. Your funds are kept in a segregated client account.
      As a regulated payment services provider, we must hold all money transferred by our clients in segregated bank accounts. These accounts are separate from our own bank accounts. So, your money is never mixed with ours, and we cannot use it to settle any of our own obligations.

    2. We have a credible and trustworthy team.
      The Shareholders and Directors of SingX are professionals who have worked with reputed multinational banks throughout their careers. They operate with the highest levels of integrity. Click here to read about the profiles of our key management.

    3. We implement a host of security measures, just like the banks.
      We take the safety of your personal details very seriously. To facilitate secure data transmission over the Internet, we have all the safety precautionsSystem integrity and the confidentiality of your personal and transaction details are our top priority. For data to be transmitted securely over the Internet, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), 128-bit encryption within the logged-in site pages. To check if your connection is secure, just look for the https url and the secure padlock symbol at the bottom right of your browser window or in the address bar.
      All data is held on secure servers hosted by Data Electronics (ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certified) along with a managed firewall service as well as guaranteed power and connectivity to provide the highest levels of security 24/7.
      in place. We have adopted a two-step authentication process Two-factor authentication improves account security by combining what you know, e.g. your password, with something that only you possess, such as your mobile phone.
      When trying to log in or carry out certain actions, such as transferring money, we will automatically send a One-time Password (OTP) to your phone. Enter the OTP into the two-factor authentication form on our site and you can transact with total peace of mind after that.
      which ensures complete security and peace of mind. We also ensure that our website keeps your connection secure Our website uses 256-bit encryption via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) from VeriSign. This means that your connection is secure.. All your account information is stored in a secure facility that is safeguarded by us.