We have launched our very own SingX Wallet - top up once, use multiple times! You no longer have to transfer funds to us for every transaction. Simply top up your wallet once, and use those funds to make multiple overseas transfers, bill payments in India and mobile top ups anytime!‚Äč

How to Top Up your SingX Wallet:

Use your SingX Wallet for the following Services:


Global Money Transfers

Wish you could just book a transaction without logging in to your online banking account? Well, now you can! With the SingX Wallet, you can pay for your transfers using your Wallet balance with the click of a button!


Bill Payments in India

Do you have bills to pay in India? Whether its electricity, credit cards, broadband, insurance, EMIs or anything really, we've got you covered! Simply login to your SingX dashboard and pay these bills in just a few clicks using your SingX Wallet balance!


Global Mobile Top-ups

Need to top up your family's Pre-paid mobile plan back home? With SingX, simply enter the country and mobile number and choose the plan you want to purchase. We'll do the rest!